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As a parent, it is your role to teach your children many aspects of life and teach them good habits for taking care of themselves as they get older. One of those aspects of life that you are responsible for teaching your children is oral hygiene. The earlier you instill these habits, the more likely they are to adopt these habits throughout the rest of their life. Developing good oral hygiene habits as a young child will make daily teeth brushing and flossing not seem like a burdensome task.

Pediatric dentist in Austin has some great tips for all of the parents out there to help you teach your kids good oral hygiene habits.

Show and Tell

Kids often learn best by showing them how to do something or by setting an example. If you don’t take care of your oral hygiene, neither will your kids more than likely. However, if you let them see you brushing and flossing daily, and making other positive decisions, they will be more likely to do the same.

Use books or stories

Books or stories help kids learn many lessons in life. It is not only an engaging way to help strengthen their vocabulary but also puts things on their level, so to speak. Books about going to the dentist or that focus on good oral hygiene are great ways to engage your child in learning about how to care for their teeth. Books don’t have to cost much money. Check with relatives, friends, or neighbors for hand-me-downs or even shop at a local resale store that sells children’s books to save money.

Be positive

It’s human nature to want to seek affirmation, especially for kids. They like to know that their actions and choices please their parents or other adults that are important to them. You can develop a simple sticker chart that allows your child to place a sticker by their name each time they do their oral hygiene routine. You could even offer a small, yet meaningful reward to your child once they reach a certain amount of stickers.


What kid doesn’t love music? Singing or playing a song while they brush their teeth is an excellent way to ensure they brush for the recommended two minutes each brushing session. Since most songs are at least two minutes in length, just about any will do as long as it is something that your child likes.

Maintain a routine

Kids thrive on routines, and the same applies for their morning and night routine each day. Knowing just how they will start their day and end it at bedtime every day can help them stick to their daily habits such as teeth brushing much better than without a routine.

Make it fun

As always, no matter what your approach, keep it fun. Kids tend to lose interest quickly if what they are being told to do doesn’t seem fun. You could allow your child to pick out their own toothbrush and type of toothpaste that they want. Something about getting a toothbrush with their favorite cartoon character or superhero that can make a difference in their enthusiasm to brush their teeth!

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